Hi, I'm Steven.

I explore words, tech, and the planet in the hopes of helping to create a better world.

In a practical sense, that means I'm a writer who's written books, articles, and experimental art.

It means I'm a programmer and entrepreneur who's created open-source AI bots, human-centric testing frameworks, and other bits and bobs.

It means I blend the two, in projects like mindful browsing, is enough, and more. (And that a lot of the time, I fail.)

And it means I'm a global citizen, with roots and bits of my heart in Paris, New Zealand, Colombia, Thailand, and Japan.

I send out a weekly letter, and a surprising number of people seem to like it. I'd love to have you join us, if it's your cup of tea.

If you're a company or conference who'd like to have me speak or contribute to your publication, please head over here for more information.

For everyone else, please feel free to take a look around, see what resonates with you, and enjoy.

There are a billion sites on the internet. I appreciate you spending some of your time here, on mine.