I'd love to help.

I've been fortunate to contribute to organizations and conferences in both speaking, coaching, and consulting roles, and I continue to work with selected organizations.

If you feel like I might be able to contribute to what you're doing, please reach out - I'd love to hear from you.


I've spoken publicly for a dozen years across countries and a couple continents on topics ranging from Artificial Intelligence to Depression to How (not) to Change the World, at places like these:

I draw from my personal experiences, opening the book on the most inspiring, heart-breaking, and insight-generating moments in trying to change the world.

Here's what people are saying:

I'm really impressed at how my students responded to your talk.

It's hard to impart knowledge to the younger generation, but your presentation stuck.
-Jeff, Instructor, United States
That was so f*cking inspiring.
-Megan, Marketer, Colombia


I've been proud and lucky to serve as a coach for some astounding human beings, and have experience guiding organizations as they grow, transform their culture, and evolve.

I am not currently taking on new coaching clients, but will update this page as my availability changes in the future.


I've written articles for and have been interviewed by a number of publications, and am available for both - please reach out if I can be of help for your publication.


Finally, as a veteran of a few tech bubbles, I have experience building and growing startups and small teams. I specialize in scaling from the initial nucleus to medium-sized companies, designing intelligent automated processes, and architecting products and company structures for the long game.

I've also founded and co-founded a handful of companies, and learned first-hand the lessons from both the successes and the failures. I really enjoy helping companies not make the same mistakes.

If you think there might be ways I can be of use to your organization - get in touch. I'd love to hear from you.